Industry products

Using the latest systems, we can create the most complete range of products: bellows, cable connections, O-Rings, membranes, seals, etc.

In addition to these, the complete assortment of processed elastomers (EPDM, NBR, VMQ, CR, SBR, VITON, LSR, etc.) places ATG among the most qualified and diversified companies in the sector.

Thanks to the in-house study and development of moulds, ATG always aims for the best product while respecting the Customer's every need.

  • SOFFIETTO PORTELLONE- <em>door to body bellows</em>
  • GUARNIZIONE PASSACAVI - <em>seals for cable connections</em>
  • CINGHIA DI TRASCINAMENTO - <em>pulling belt</em>
  • CURVA CONDOTTO ARIA - <em>air duct curve</em>
  • GUARNIZIONE PARAFIAMMA - <em>firewall grommet</em>
  • GUARNIZIONE PARAFIAMMA - <em>firewall grommet</em>
  • GUARNIZIONI INTERNE MULTIVIE - <em>mat seals</em>
  • V-RING - <em>v-ring</em>
  • GUARNIZIONE PER CONNETTORE MULTIVIA - <em>multisectioning seal for cable connections</em>
  • CAPPUCCIO MULTIVIE - <em>multisectioning cap</em>
  • CAPPUCCIO - <em>cap</em>
  • GUARNIZIONI SINGOLE DI TENUTA - <em>single wire seals</em>