ATG was founded in the early 70s in the province of Bologna, by a group of expert craftsmen who over the years cemented their experience in rubber moulding in the area.


In 1997, the Company was taken over by the current management, who transformed this artisan Company into an industrial reality. Thus ATG was born, a new corporate structure where investments aimed at acquiring and using modern production equipment and the research of new technologies merge.

From the very beginning, the Company has aimed for growth and expansion, the technical evolution of its products, the thorough analysis of materials and improvement in moulding techniques, in order to present itself as a production partner, capable of cooperating in co-design, design and development of components.

Within this context of pursuing continuous improvement, ATG has been focusing its attention on the automotive sector.

The start of the new millennium was characterised by the beginning of the new commercial partnership with Starlim//Sterner, an Austrian company that was already a world leader in the manufacture of LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) technical parts. This operation, in addition to broadening the range of products and services on offer, gave the Company a significant drive toward accelerating its technological development.

An interest in progress and attention to detail increasingly brought the two companies closer together, so much so that in 2004 Starlim//Sterner became a shareholder of ATG Srl.


The established cooperation with Starlim//Sterner contributed to numerous dynamics of company development, and in 2005 led first to the transfer of the ATG Head Office to Castello d'Argile (BO), and then to a new cycle of investments for the complete renovation and increase of the machine fleet, horizontal and vertical injection moulding presses.

The year 2010 was another historical moment for the Company: this was the year that the new production facility was created, a building with a high technological level and a surface of 4,200 sq.m. This new establishment, next to the goods warehouse, has currently reached a total surface of 5,700 sq.m.

We can proudly state that currently ATG Srl is one of the leading enterprises in Italy in the supply of components for car wire harnesses. In addition, over the past few years it has also established itself as one of the foremost enterprises in the province of Bologna in terms of turnover and quantities of processed polymers.