Ethics and social liability

A.T.G. S.r.l acknowledges the importance of ethics and social values at work and in business.

For this reason, it is committed to a healthy and responsible management of its own activities, and of the ones of its social interlocutors, complying with the community of which it is part.

That is why A.T.G. s.r.l. Code of Ethics was implemented, with below purposes:

  • Define main A.T.G. s.r.l. ethical standards;
  • Define the rules of conduct for all the individuals working for the company, and in association with it;
  • Encourage permanent dialogue, involvement and agreement between such entities;
  • Define the foundation for a voluntary agreement, in order to regulate the relationships between A.T.G. s.r.l. and its partners, in an ethical sense;
  • Form the base element for the adoption of an organizational model, in accordance with D. Lgs. 231/2001 with regard to institutions’ administrative liability.


All people of A.T.G. s.r.l., together with all those operating to serve its purposes, are therefore required to observe the Code of Ethics principles.